Recombinant antibodies

YUMAB provides in vitro generation and engineering of recombinant monoclonal antibodies, which have many beneficial properties to ordinary hybridoma or polyclonal antibodies.

The main feature of recombinant antibodies is the availability of their gene sequences, which are directly obtained during our in vitro selection process. These antibody gene sequences allow immediately access to further genetic engineering and to different expression systems. Recombinant antibodies with functions that greatly exceed those of natural antibody can be developed, e.g., by fusing them with other antibodies or proteins to make bispecific molecules or multifunctional fusion proteins. Therefore, recombinant antibodies open up new opportunities for research and diagnostic applications and are a prerequisite for the development of therapeutic antibodies.

Our¬† standard recombinant antibody format for rapid and large-scale custom antibody generation is „Yumab“ (scFv-Fc), which has IgG equivalent properties like bivalency and Fc mediated functions. Yumabs have been shown to successfully replace IgGs in all tested applications. Yumabs are fully compatible with standard Fc-specific secondary antibody conjugates used for detection as well as protein A based purification.

We provide Yumabs with different Fc moieties of several species (human, mouse, rabbit, rat…) and isotypes as well as conversion into various recombinant antibody formats (IgG etc.) on request.