Antibody engineering

Affinity maturation

YUMAB creates a target specific sublibrary with a diversity of more than 10covering most of all possible amino acid exchanges. For lead optimization this sublibraries can be screened for antibodies with low nanomolar to even picomolar affinities. In an optional second maturation round, beneficial mutations of the already improved antibodies, can be combined for a further enhancement of the affinity even in the final format (e.g., Fab).

Stability maturation

By using the in vitro evolutionary approach of an optimized screening procedure of a target specific sublibrary it is additionally possible to improve the biochemical and biophysical properties of your antibody. So, the stability of an antibody can be increased from few hours to several months and longer.

Various antibody formats

YUMAB provides numerous recombinant antibody formats including full-length IgGs (from different species and isotypes), Yumabs (scFv-Fc with different Fc species and isotypes), small antibody fragments (scFv, Fab), or various bispecific antibody formats and fusion proteins.